What is the function of the microcomputer protection device test report?


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The microcomputer protection device is the core part of the high-voltage control system. The development of general microcomputer protection projects requires a test report. For different projects, some require a Cape test report, and some require a network access report from the Southern Power Grid. Now let's talk about the role and reporting process of relevant qualifications of microcomputer protection devices.
1. Cape inspection report.
The Cape Test Report is a qualification certificate issued by the National Relay Protection Testing Center after passing the test. It is a common and valid qualification certificate that reflects whether a manufacturer's products are qualified. This qualification is named after the model of the tested products, which are ordinary. Different models of products need to be provided with test reports. The Cape Test Report is an important symbol to reflect whether a manufacturer is qualified, It is also an important symbol of a manufacturer's important technical strength and comprehensive strength,
Handling process: Apply for testing, and the manual cost is 30000 yuan. Then take the product to Henan Xuchang relay protection for testing, and test whether its anti-interference function, product protection function, product communication function, and product workmanship meet the requirements of the national power sector. If all the above functions meet the requirements of the national regulations, you can obtain the qualification certificate of the Cape Test Test Report.
2. Access qualification.
The grid access qualification is a product inspection qualification issued by the Sinochem People's Republic of China for the use standard of smart grid. The grid access qualification is mainly divided into the south grid access report and the north grid access report. Only the enterprises with this national grid access qualification can do the national smart grid related projects. Network access qualification is an important basis to reflect a company's comprehensive strength.
Handling traffic. The payment application applies for the qualification of national grid access, and the product is submitted to the national smart grid inspection department for inspection. The inspection content, product protection function, product material and anti-interference ability, etc. If the inspection is qualified, the smart grid certificate issued by the national smart grid can be obtained.
3. Other qualification certificates.
There are also relevant explosion-proof qualification certificates, 3C qualification certificates, etc. Anyway, the more product qualification certificates a company has, the stronger the company is. These inspection certificates are required not only for microcomputer protection devices, but also for DC screens and low-voltage instruments,