After-sales Service

After-sales service commitment:

Our company attaches great importance to product quality and after-sales service, and our service commitment to products is:

1. Provide customers with thoughtful and satisfactory after-sales service and maintain the practical interests of customers;

2. Completely deal with the problems and complaints raised by customers, and are fully satisfied;

3. Within 12 hours from receiving the after-sales service information, the person in charge of the after-sales service should analyze the product failure, propose solutions, and make it clear that the technicians are directly responsible for the after-sales service;

4. Within 5 working days after the end of the after-sales service, the person in charge of the after-sales service will complete the return visit to confirm the customer satisfaction;

Service process:

Device Warranty:

The company's products implement quality "three guarantees" (warranty, guarantee replacement, guarantee return), and the products implement life-long service;

During the product warranty period, the company will provide the full cost of repairing and replacing components for free. During the warranty period of the product, due to improper use by the user or failure outside the warranty period, the company only charges the cost.

For products outside the product warranty period, our company regularly inspects and conducts routine inspections and maintenance. For repairable faults, our company will provide free maintenance. Such as: abnormal use damage can not be repaired, the company promises to replace the new parts, only charge the corresponding cost.


After-sales service center hotline:

After-sales service hotline: +86-371-60216611

After-sales service complaint hotline: +86-371-60216611

After-sales service fax: +86-371-60216622