Development Trend of Secondary Microcomputer Protection Industry


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With the continuous development and progress of the electrical industry, now the automatic control part has widely used the microcomputer protection device to replace the traditional relay. From the perspective of the development trend of the industry, the microcomputer protection device is inevitable in the future market. The microcomputer protection device will certainly replace the traditional relay protection and become the initiative of the current electrical distribution secondary part. The low-voltage microcomputer protection device product line will also be more and more perfect.
The traditional 10kV power distribution system is mainly of radial type, supplemented by radial type and trunk type. The receiving and feeding cabinets of the complete set of switchgear almost all use circuit breakers. This 10kV power distribution mode not only covers a large area, has high investment, but also has low reliability.
At present, the ring network cabinets used in China are mainly load switch+fuse cabinet and air insulated load switch cabinet. They can not only reduce the area of high-voltage distribution room and the floor height, but also can further reduce the area occupied by the ring network cabinet without operating power supply and special control room, which is more advantageous for power distribution stations in high-rise buildings. The ring network switch cabinet is easy to install, debug, maintain and realize the automatic management of the power grid.
Overview of microcomputer protection device
The application of the ring main unit in the development of the power industry is more and more extensive. In view of the compact structure of the ring main unit, Shanghai BJI Technology Co., Ltd. adopts * * signal processor (ARM), and summarizes the successful operation experience of the microcomputer protection and measurement and control devices in 6KV-110KV power distribution stations. A series of microcomputer protection devices are derived, which can be used in the distribution network automation system central cabinet, intelligent box transformer, intelligent outdoor switch, intelligent ring main unit Intelligent outdoor branch box, intelligent outdoor metering and control device. It integrates new digital control technology, anti strong interference technology and fault self diagnosis software repair technology. With its minimal maintenance workload, it provides management capabilities for relay protection, fault location, monitoring and monitoring power quality and communication of high-voltage power system.