Electrical industry: enter the world-class track in the post "100 billion" era


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At the Provincial High Quality Development Conference of Manufacturing Industry held recently, Yueqing Economic Development Zone, which gathered a large number of electrical enterprises, won the honor of "Provincial High Quality Development Demonstration Park of Manufacturing Industry in 2021". This is supported by a set of data: in 2021, Yueqing's electrical industry will achieve a total industrial output value of 139.9 billion yuan, including 97.945 billion yuan above designated size, a year-on-year increase of 17.2%.
Also affected by the complex and volatile macroeconomic situation and the impact of epidemic, when many industries are blocked, why does the electrical industry show such strong resilience and vitality? In the face of the fact that the international market continues to be sluggish and the downward pressure on the domestic economy increases, what curve will the electrical industry walk out of? With these questions in mind, the reporter recently went to Yueqing and other places to find out.
Cluster development forging industry toughness
Yueqing electric industry has a "one hour" supply closed loop that is envied by other manufacturing peers, that is, no matter whether the factory is in urgent need of a mold for new production line or the enterprise is looking for a key component for new product development, it only needs to go to the market or make a few phone calls, and it does not take one hour to get the matching product.
"A complete and resilient industrial chain is the key to the sustainable and healthy development of the electrical industry in recent years, which can withstand the ups and downs of the market," said Zheng Yuanbao, chairman of the People's Holding Group, who is also the chairman of the three level electrical industry associations in Zhejiang Province, Wenzhou City and Yueqing City.
According to statistics, there are 14000 electrical enterprises in our city, most of which are located in Yueqing. In a county-level city with a land area of 1391 square kilometers, there are so many peer enterprises at the same time, and the degree of competition can be imagined. Therefore, for quite a long time in the past, product homogenization, mutual price suppression and other phenomena have been common in Yueqing. In the words of a local electrical enterprise leader, "they can be called swords and swords".
In order to fundamentally solve the problem, in recent years, the city and county levels have taken upgrading the industrial chain and improving the supply chain as the top priority to promote the high-quality development of the electrical industry. Centering on the core goal of building an "electrical industry cluster", they have focused on strengthening the chain to supplement and extend the chain. Through implementing the "whole industry chain repair and improvement plan", cultivating "new star" enterprises and other measures, they have continuously optimized and improved the division of labor and cooperation system of the electrical industry chain. At the same time, we focused on the high-tech industrial foundation, adopted the means of "intelligent transformation of thousands of enterprises", the transformation of the Internet of Things in workshops, and effectively improved the technical equipment level and digital application ability of the electrical industry.
"Whether an industrial cluster has vitality and resilience depends on whether it can give full play to the effectiveness of specialized division of labor, industrial association and cooperation," Zang Xiaowei, deputy director of Yueqing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, told reporters.
To this end, they targeted enterprises of different types, sizes, potentials and characteristics, and guided enterprises to find a suitable and favorable position in the industrial chain by cultivating "chain oriented" enterprises, promoting share reform and listing, encouraging mergers and acquisitions, and supporting the "specialization, refinement, and innovation" approach.
Today, Yueqing is a region where the whole low-voltage electrical industry chain in China is well developed, and the local supporting rate can reach more than 85%. There are not only industrial leaders such as Chint, Delixi, Tianzheng and People's Appliance, but also a large number of small and micro enterprises focusing on core business, providing necessary supporting supply and services for mold manufacturing, basic parts, logistics, marketing and other industrial development.
It is by virtue of the "cluster operation" of the industrial chain and the independent control of the supply chain that Wenzhou's electrical industry has withstood the test of the complex economic situation in recent years, and has not "lost its chain" in the severe epidemic situation. At the same time, it also forces the electrical industry to further accelerate the full chain, matrix and cluster development, and strive to forge a more core and risk resistant industrial competitiveness.