2019 Sanhe Electric Outdoor Experience Tour of "Mid Autumn Reunion, Love One Family"


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It was the full moon of the Mid Autumn Festival again. In order to make the Sanhe family have an unforgettable and happy Mid Autumn Festival, Sanhe Electric specially organized everyone to go to Gongyi Luyou Island to take part in the outdoor live shooting of a reality show. The whole process was directed by the director and followed by the camera crew, so that the Sanhe family could have a good time filming.
After more than two hours of driving, I finally entered the mountain. The winding mountain road, sometimes climbing, sometimes making sharp turns, is more thrilling than a roller coaster. After a tortuous mountain road, we finally arrived at the assembly site. Along the way, we had a panoramic view of the landscape, which made us relaxed and happy.
The whole team gathered. The script to be shot today is the "Warring States Period". According to the script, we are divided into four countries, namely, 'Qin, Wei, Zhao and Han'. After the election of the 'emperor' and 'minister', the rest of the 'civilians' have also been scrambled into various countries. Then the director began to announce the task. The completion of the task determines the coins we can get. I heard that coins play a big role in the picnic at noon, The little friends were in high spirits.
After two hours of hard work by the team, all countries returned to the final camp. The director counted the task scores for each country. After the corresponding currency was issued, the director finally said the final use of the currency. It was originally to auction lunch ingredients with currency, and all the people with more money cheered for a moment; They are eager to try. They spend less money together and try to buy as much food as possible.
The auction begins! All countries kept raising prices, and the scene was so lively that it was out of control.
After the auction, every country began to cook with satisfaction! There are people who clean the dishes, wash the dishes, cut the vegetables, burn the fire, and hold the spoon. They have their own work and are busy.
After working hard for more than an hour, dinner finally started! Pick up the wine bowl, look at the camera and laugh!
Have enough food and drink, have a rest, it's time to stand up and eat! Let's go!
After all the activities, the sky has darkened. At this time, winning or losing is no longer important to everyone. I believe that all the memories of being tired, making mistakes, laughing and touching in today's activities will leave a shining pearl in our hearts.
The crescent moon is hanging high in the sky, fireflies are wandering around beside them, and everyone lines up slowly to the return destination with a reluctant mood. Until the night of the full moon on the Mid Autumn Festival, I believe everyone will smile when they think of this time!