Sanhe Group is affectionate to family members, and wishes for the Mid Autumn Festival


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In order to make all Sanhe families have a happy and warm Mid Autumn Festival, the company has prepared exquisite gifts such as moon cakes, fruits, milk, etc. to send thick care and Mid Autumn blessings.
At the gift distribution site, all the family members consciously lined up and expressed their joy. The scene was full of harmonious and cheerful atmosphere.
Moon cakes with good wishes, boxes of fruits, pastries and milk with good wishes, and heavy gifts convey the company's meticulous care and full love for employees.
After the flood, there was an epidemic,
Sanhe Group will never forget
All employees who will never leave;
On the occasion of the Mid Autumn Festival,
Sanhe Group sends sincere wishes to all customers, friends and families,
I wish you a happy Mid Autumn Festival and a happy family!