How to select the type of microcomputer integrated protection


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High voltage distribution cabinets are divided into different voltage levels, different models, different places of application, and the selected components will change accordingly. Now let's talk about how to select the type of microcomputer protection device.
1. What protection is used for the ring main unit?
The general ring main unit is mainly used for 10KV and 35KV projects. In terms of cost, since the cost of the ring network cabinet is relatively low, a microcomputer protection device with high cost performance is needed. In terms of cabinet shape, the ring network cabinet is relatively small in size and shallow in depth, so a small and ultra-thin protection device is needed. In terms of function, the protection functions required for general ring network cabinets are not too complex, and the measurement accuracy is 0.5 level of pseudo measurement, In order to facilitate control, the general ring network cabinet will also be linked to the background to realize the four remote functions. Therefore, a microcomputer protection device with communication is required. To sum up: to perfectly solve the protection problem of the ring network cabinet, three conditions must be met: 1. cheap price; 2. small size, shallow depth and ultra-thin type; 3. With communication and can be linked to the background. In order to meet the market demand, our company specially developed and designed a special microcomputer protection device for the ring network cabinet in 2012 - 94X series economic microcomputer protection device. The price of the microcomputer protection device is more than 1000 yuan, the opening size is only 115 * 115, the thickness is only 90MM, and the RS485 communication interface is equipped. It is a special microcomputer protection device for the ring network cabinet with high performance price ratio.
2. What kind of protection is appropriate for 35KV and 10KV middle mounted cabinets
Generally, our common middle cabinet is KYN28 middle cabinet, which is generally used for relatively important projects. Therefore, the requirements for measurement accuracy, protection function, communication and background are relatively high, so a high-performance microcomputer protection device is needed. The 95X series standard microcomputer protection device produced by our company is specially developed and designed for the central cabinet. The measurement accuracy (class 0.2) and anti-interference ability of this protection meet the national standards, and the protection function is complete and the price is cheap. It is your ideal choice.
3. What protection is appropriate for 66KV and 110KV projects?
66KV and 110KV power transformation and distribution systems are generally large and very important projects, and generally such projects need to be equipped with backup protection and differential protection. Therefore, the protection elements of this voltage level have very high requirements in terms of anti-interference ability, measurement accuracy, and product functions. It is important that the performance must be stable, reliable, and easy to maintain. Therefore, Our company has specially developed a GZP-97X series microcomputer protection device, which has powerful functions, high measurement accuracy and small error. It is a protection device specially used for 110KV and 66KV high-voltage projects.
4. What protection is appropriate for explosion-proof switchgear.
The general explosion-proof switch cabinet is mainly used for the power supply system of the shaft car factory, ventilation roadway and electromechanical chamber. The application environment is relatively harsh, especially in some industrial and mining enterprises, which require special protection functions, such as protection with the function of preventing skip tripping. Therefore, the general protection function of the protective device used for the explosion-proof switch cabinet will be more special. In order to meet the market demand, Our company has specially developed and produced a special computer protection device for explosion-proof switchgear - FB explosion-proof computer protection device. This device has stable performance, fine manufacturing, and high explosion-proof level. It is a protection specially designed for explosion-proof switchgear. If there are other special requirements, our company can develop and produce according to the customer's requirements.