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DAE-F Station terminal(FTU)

The low-voltage junction box is made of fully insulated polymer composite SMC and molded at high temperature, and the whole box is assembled by looping all functional components; Novel and compact structure, easy assembly; It is generally used at the branch of wiring cable, with flexible wiring, beautiful and durable.


Power Distribution Terminal


Product Overview

DAE-F series feeder terminals are intelligent terminal devices installed in power distribution rooms or feeders. It can communicate with the remote distribution electronic station, send the operation data of the distribution equipment to the distribution electronic station, accept the control command of the distribution electronic station, control and adjust the distribution equipment, have the functions of remote control, remote communication and fault detection, communicate with the distribution automation master station, provide the operation conditions and various parameters of the distribution system, including switch status, power parameters, phase to phase fault, ground fault and parameters in case of fault, And execute the command issued by the power distribution master station to regulate and control the power distribution equipment, so as to realize the functions of fault location, fault isolation and rapid restoration of power supply in non fault areas.

main features

1. With communication, it has the function of "remote maintenance".

2. The configuration is flexible, and all protection functions have separate on/off functions.

3. The device has perfect self inspection function, and can detect the working conditions of each part online.

4. The closing circuit is designed to prevent maloperation and has the function of preventing maloperation.

5. By selecting different configurations, the "three remotes" and "two remotes" requirements of the State Grid and the Southern Power Grid can be met.

6. Meet the special requirements of all parts of the country (such as Shandong, Beijing, Guangdong, etc.).

7. It has zero sequence current setting self-adaptive function without manual setting.

8. Meet the specific requirements of "primary and secondary integration".

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