Commercial Specialist

Negotiate in person



Number of recruits:



No limit

Work area:


Job responsibilities:
1. Collection of bidding information, preparation, printing, sealing and archiving of various commercial and technical tenders;
2. Be responsible for preparing the bidding documents according to the specific requirements of the bidding, and ensure the timeliness, accuracy and aesthetics of the bidding documents; And complete the preparation of the tender as required;
3. Assist the sales department to prepare for the bidding of the project;
Job requirements:
1. Have strong document writing ability, be able to skillfully use office software such as Word and Excel, and have strong typesetting design ability; Master the basic Photoshop operation;
2. Strong professional quality, professional integrity, good communication, innovative spirit;
3. Having certain experience in making bidding documents for power industry system products is preferred;
4. Team spirit, self-motivated, and responsible!